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Communicating with Sketches

As the year comes to a close, BPD is taking some time to clean-up, organize, and get ready to hit the ground running in 2015. A few sketches turned up during this process that inspired us to share a little about how we communicate throughout the design

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Infiltration Planter Sketches

 Infiltration Planters within the Right-of-Way BPD developed graphics to illustrate the functionality & benefits of infiltration planters, also known as green street planters, and how they can be implemented into urban streetscapes. Infiltration planters are landscaped spaces that capture & slow down stormwater runoff, allowing it to soak into the ground

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LID Design Competition

  BPD | CES 1st Round Submittal BPD | CES Final Presentation Boards    

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3D Modeling

Sometimes, a plan view graphic just doesn’t cut it when trying to convey an idea or design. As designers, we need to utilize additional tools to further develop and convey design intent to clients or contractors. One of the methods we use to accomplish this is 3D

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LID Competition Conclusion

  The Memphis-Shelby County Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition came to a conclusion last week with presentations by the three finalist teams. We are proud to announce our team including Blair Parker Design (BPD) and Civil Engineering Solutions (CES) placed 2nd in a field of 11

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Memphis – Shelby County LID Competition Update

Blair Parker Design and Civil Engineering Solutions are honored to have been selected as one of three finalists in the Memphis-Shelby County Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition. Thank you to all of the partner individuals and organizations, in particular, the Houston jury, Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability, and

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Sustainable Site Design

Landscape Architects are stewards of the environment, we are designers educated to create special places, to disturb nature as little as possible and to restore the environment where needed. The current buzzword “Sustainable” is well overused but accurately describes the core of our profession. Often teaming with

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National Landscape Architecture Month

Led by Senator Mark Norris, Senate Joint Resolution 761 was signed into law this week, declaring the month of April 2014 as Landscape Architecture Month in the state of Tennessee. The state joins in the celebration of National Landscape Architecture Month (NLAM), first introduced by the American

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Memphis-Shelby County LID Conference

BPD had a great time being a part of the LID Conference at the Memphis Botanic Garden Lots of great information was shared and BPD is excited about our future opportunities to use Low Impact Development techniques in the Memphis area! Thank you to the Memphis & Shelby County Office

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Evaluating the Need for a Retaining Wall

On a recent project, the proposed building was to be placed close to the adjacent street right-of-way. Between the right-of-way and the building there is a considerable amount of slope. This issue brought on conversation about the practicality of a retaining wall. We developed a few quick

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